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Oamaru, New Zealand


Favorite Place to Paddle:

“There are so many awesome places everywhere that are so unique. Last year I got to go to Uganda. Over there I was kayaking huge waves, huge rapids, just incredible big water. Germany has my favorite place in the world for freestyle kayaking and New Zealand too has just epic creeks and great river runs and a lot of fun, just chilling with your mates, its always fun.”



Courtney grew up on a farm that raises peas, beans, wheat and tends to sheep livestock. She loves paddling in the water so much that when it gets hot in the summer, she says, “I’d put on the sprinkler on the lawn, get out my boat and start practicing on the grass. I just need to boat, you know when you just really need it!” She recently finished high school and has been competing in freestyle kayaking and traveling with the Jackson family (of Jackson Kayaks) in an RV, stopping at the best unknown spots around the United States. While on the road, she said listening to Kiwi bands like Flight of the Concords reminds her of home.

Courtney was introduced to stand-up paddle boarding by Dane Jackson. “When I got up to Canada, him and Nick [Troutman] got me up paddling on the river and I just loved it, surfing the waves, river-running. It was a new challenge for me in the sport of whitewater and just a lot of fun.” In comparison to kayaking, Courtney says, “There’s a way different component of balance to it… You’ve got this nervous feeling of, if you fall over on the board, you’re going to fall in the water. If you fall over in a kayak, you just roll back up. Once you get doing it, you realize falling in the water is not that bad… Its definitely helped my kayaking with strength and balance for sure.”

As a vegetarian, Courtney is all about a home-cooked meal. “When I’m at home I think my favorite place to eat is at home or down the road at my grandma’s place because my grandma makes the best vegetarian food.”


Awards + Accomplishments:

  • 2011 Silver Medalist at the World Freestyle Kayak Championships
  • 2011 World Championships NZ Team

Pau Hana Time:

“My Pau Hana time, I like to chill out, get on the water, paddle. Paddling is just what makes life for me. It makes everything enjoyable. It always makes you happy. Even if you are not in the best feature, you’re still having a good time just throwing around. Its way better than being stuck in an office somewhere.”