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Louise_fbprofile1 LouiseJull


Okere Falls, New Zealand


Favorite Place to Paddle:

“Where I live in Okere Falls, its the most beautiful river. There’s lots of drops, a seven meter waterfall, the water’s warm and there’s always people around. Its got beautiful green trees all the way down it. Its a really special place, I never get sick of it. The other place would have to be in Africa, The Zambezi River. Its volume, water, river, and its just really hot. You could paddle with skins really, with nothing on. You’re immersed in this massive canyon. Its such a beautiful place.”



Louise Jull graduated from University in 2012 and spends her time racing in extreme whitewater kayaking competitions and traveling on expeditions. “With extreme kayaking—its a lot more random. A lot of the athletes, they don’t actually train for it, they just do it. Its what they do. Its what they live for,” says Louise about why she paddles.


Growing up close to the beach, Louise has always loved the water and worked as a surf lifeguard for a summer. She first started stand-up paddle boarding at the beach a few years ago. “If I really want a good workout, I find SUP awesome. Its awesome cross training for kayaking. If I want to go out and play, I’ll jump in my kayak, cruise around. But for really something physical, the SUP can target those muscles. If I’m in for a really good workout, I’ll take out the SUP,” she says.


When at home in New Zealand, Louise says The Okere Falls store the definitive spot in town. “The Okere Falls store, its got the most amazing food. Smoothies are unreal. They put so much ice cream in it, banana pineapple smoothie and the pies are the best pies in the world. They are about the size of my hand, its basically pastry filled with meat and a top on it. They are really delicious.”


Awards + Accomplishments:

  • 2011: 4th Women at the Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championships, Austria
  • 2nd Women in the Extreme Individual- 2011 Devils Extreme Race and European Championships. Lipno, Czech Republic
  • New Zealand White Water Extreme Kayak National Women Champion- Citroen Rapid, South Island.
  • New Zealand Freestyle Team 2011


Pau Hana Time:

“I would say chilling out with friends. Doing all my sports and stuff, they fill up a lot of my day. For my time, for me to just enjoy myself and just play and go and chill out and enjoy with my friends. I’m a really social person, I love people so I’d say that is what I want to do.”