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25 Apr 2012

Pau Hana’s 12’6 Race Board Chosen for Outside Magazine’s for Gear of The Year Award in 2012 Summer Buyer’s Guide



Pau Hana Surf Supply is proud to announce that its 12’6 training race board was chosen for Outside Magazine’s 2012 Gear of the Year Award in the 2012 Summer Buyer’s Guide — the first time such an award has been given for stand-up paddleboards.

The 12’6 race board (built using Halotex technology) has proven to be the perfect board for increasing core strength during fitness training and achieving top results in competitive SUP racing. Riding the 12’6 race board, athletes have won 1st Place at: The H2Overdrive SUP Cup open race in Park City, Utah; The Battle of the Bay Open Race in San Francisco, CA  and The Cold Stroke Classic open race in Wilmington NC.

The Outside Buyer’s Guide is published twice a year and delivers the world’s most comprehensive review of the gear, tools, and technology that are essential to enjoying the active lifestyle. Considered the most trusted source in the industry, Outside Magazine’s reviewers put thousands of products through rigorous testing every year; only the best make it into their annual spring and winter Buyer’s Guides.

The race board was designed by Pau Hana co-founder Todd Caranto. It’s a fitness training board that is fast and stable but performs well in competitive racing—an all-round 12’6” board. The full displacement hull and sharp bowed nose makes it fast for when every second counts in a race. And at 28.5” wide, its increased width makes it extra stable and slight V bottom allows it to glide easily over long distances and in a variety of weather conditions. Stability and glide were the primary design goals for the board. Those two elements make it an unbeatable platform for distance training and core workouts. With stability and glide, a rider can concentrate on stroke and pulling from the abdominals rather than on balance and staying afloat.

The 12’6 race board is also built using a new construction technique created by Pau Hana called Halotex construction, which is a mix of carbon fiber, bamboo and fiberglass fused together under heat and pressure to form an extremely rigid and lightweight span along the length of the board and under the standing area. The Halotex panel running down the center replaces wood stringer beams and forms a backbone that is lighter and stiffer than traditional board constructions.

About Pau Hana Surf Supply:
Pau Hana Surf Supply is a minority-owned business founded in 2006 in Santa Clarita, CA by Asian Pacific Islanders Todd Caranto (Filipino American) and Royce Hanamaikai (Hawaiian-Japanese American). Pau Hana, [pronounced: pow HAH-nah], is a Hawaiian phrase that means “Work is over.” “Pau Hana Time” encapsulates the spirit of play and good times with friends and family. To that end, Pau Hana Surf Supply is a design and manufacturing company that builds equipment for that purpose.  Athlete and board designer Todd Caranto, researches, designs, builds, rides, and tests all of its stand up paddle boards, adhering to a rigorous iterative development strategy. Because after the work is done, Pau Hana time is all about the ride.

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