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Big EZ Hawaiian11' 0"

Product Description

11’0″ Big EZ Hawaiian: Designed by Todd Caranto

Product Description:

The 11’0″ Pau Hana Big EZ Hawaiian Stand Up Paddle Board is designed for absolute stability for all types of water—ocean, lakes, marinas, bays, and rivers. And, the Big EZ SUP remains stable in all types of water conditions, whether the water is glassy, choppy, slow moving, fast moving, or crossed up. The result is a positive experience from the first ride to the last. Because the board is so versatile, ocean paddling, surfing, river running, cruising, yoga, and fishing, there is always a reason to keep it around. It can be ridden single or tandem, with a pet or a child, in the ocean, lake, river, bay, or marina.

This stand up paddle board was designed to stay on top of the water regardless of the weight of the rider. It can float individuals up to 325lbs.

Design & Performance

Special Design & Performance Features:

  • Integrated six point forward tie down system. It can be outfitted with a bungie cord for a convenient hold down, to carry a jacket, cooler, or PFD.
  • The tie down system is specifically designed to accept the Safari Basket board fishing attachment from Board Fisher.


Construction Details:

  • Pau Hana SUP boards are made from an EPS core, epoxy resin, and the highest quality craftsmanship in the board building industry.
  • Our boards are stronger and last longer than other similarly built SUPs because we use the highest quality materials without skipping steps during the construction process.



  • Length: 11’0″
  • Width: 32“
  • Max thickness: 5”
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Volume: 225 L
  • Slot handle
  • Fins: One 9″ fin + 2 side bites
  • Colors: White with Bamboo stripe, White with black stripe, Seafoam green, Dark red, Yellow, Teal